How to store dry garlic in safe place before it become useless?

Dry Garlic ExportersGarlic belongs to family of onion. Shallot, Chive, and Leek are other close relatives and all of them are extremely useful for you. Exporters of dry garlic in India supply a variety of garlic in the market. One of the leading Dry garlic Exporters has shared some tips to avoid wastage of garlic by drying them and use them later. Yes, you can do it with your left over garlic at home and prevent it from getting waste. Methods for drying garlic quickly at home are easy to perform. Though the manufacturers and dry garlic Exporters use huge plants and machinery for drying process, but you can also give it a try with domestic appliances and store dried garlic for future.

Fresh garlic Exporters often use this technique to save their garlic from getting rotten or infected with bacteria. Drying garlic process at home requires few efforts and practice for best results. It captures pungent flavor and strong essence to utilize all winter to add taste in dishes you like.

Here are few steps to dry garlic (shared by leading Indian dry garlic Exporters) :

1. Peel off the garlic cloves.
2. Cut them into thin portions. You can use sharp knife for slicing.
3. Spread the sliced fresh garlic for drying.
4. You can put them in direct sunlight, or in open air, in food dehydrator, and in oven.

Drying garlic in sunlight :
Direct sunlight will absorb the moisture of fresh garlic slices and make them dry. Also, the dry garlic you will obtain from this method will be bacteria free. Just cover them with a thin cloth sheet to prevent any dust or flies. This method is time consuming, but once your garlic gets dry, it will be last for years.

Dry Garlic ExportersFood Dehydrator :
You can use food dehydrator at low temperature for at least 48 hours to dry garlic. Exporters and manufacturers of dry garlic often use this technique for quick results.

Oven :
Not everyone can afford food dehydrator and for such individuals, oven is an alternative that works fine. You can put the garlic slices over pizza pan and cook it at lower temperature. This will result in crispy and dry garlic slices that you can use in many dishes. But you need to be cautious as if you forget to set a timer in the machine, it will burn all the garlic slices.

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